nothing goes harder than thousands of girls doing the Macarena at a 1d show

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pros and cons of being 1d af



  • youre 1d af


  • youre whipped
  • youre shoved up 5 strangers assholes
  • you unwillingly love things about 1d
  • you dont know what to do for a day without them
  • youre 1d af
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*avoids serious personal issues by blogging about harry styles*
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 ‏@Luke5SOS: Snapback buddies
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1D as french fries


Harry: curly fries

Louis: those extra crispy little fry nubs

Liam: a soggy, unseasoned fry

Zayn: Red Robin’s bottomless steak fries

Niall: a tater tot

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me: hands in assignment

professor: immediately hands me rubric for another project 

me: image

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